You can pop into the gym and we can fill out the forms with you. Alternatively you can click here to download the form, print it and hand it in with your registration fee.

Our Fees

When you join West Workout you don’t just get given a card and a tour of the facility and then left alone to your own devices. What you get is the full package:

  • A meeting with Howard, our award winning trainer, to discuss your goals, needs and any medical issues you may have.
  • A tailor made workout routine to ensure that your goals are met without aggravating any of your medical issues.
  • You get 3 training sessions where Howard guides you through the ins and outs of each machine and exercise that is in your workout routine.
  • You join the Wolf Pack – This is the family, the people of West Workout. They are the ones who will inspire you, cheer you on, motivate you and spot you when you need that extra helping hand.
  • ¬†Howard is in the gym every day and keeps a watchful eye over everybody. He is truly invested in helping you reach your goals and dreams and is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

To the right is our pricing schedule. There are many different packages to suit different lifestyles and budgets.